3 Food Blogs You Need to Follow

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I think it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest food trends and restaurants that are up and coming. One way that I keep up-to-date is by following Toronto-based food bloggers that review restaurants within the GTA and even worldwide. These blogs also share easy to follow recipes and other food-related content that is not only informative but also interesting if you are into the culinary scene. Some things that I try to look for in a good blog are personable and honest reviews, a lot of pictures so I can create an image in my mind of their experiences and an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate webpage. Here are three of my favourite blogs that I follow and think you should too:

Chu On This

Photo courtesy of: Chu On This.

When I think of my favourite food blog, Annie Chu’s blog Chu On This immediately comes to mind. I love Annie’s blog because in every post she shares, her personality shines through. I feel as if I am asking a close friend for a recommendation on where to eat next.

Annie takes her time going through every detail when reviewing the various restaurants she visits, covering everything from the ambience, the menu and price of each item she ordered. She also includes a brief backstory of the restaurant and sometimes the owners and chefs as well (check out her post “Estia Toronto”!). She is knowledgeable about Toronto’s dining scene and her readers are the first to know about the newest and coolest places to try.

Facebook: ChuonThisBlog
Instagram: chuonthisblog
Twitter: @ChuonThisBlog


Photo courtesy of: Choperella.

Born into a food-loving family, Tara Maini’s blog Choperella is an outlet that allows her to share her passion for cooking with her readers. A combination of her Punjabi culture and growing up in Nairobi, Kenya allowed for Tara to become an adventurous and passionate foodie. Growing up in a diverse family, I found myself relating to Tara and her love for cooking and eating!

Tara eventually turned her passion into a career by attending culinary school and her blog shares easy to follow recipes that combine her “home-style fun” and culinary expertise that make it easy for anyone to follow. Bonus: her recipes are all printer-friendly too! I will definitely be attempting to make her butter chicken pull apart, inspired by leftovers you can find in your fridge.

Facebook: Choperella
Instagram: choperella
Twitter: @Choperella

Where Jess Ate

Photo courtesy of: Where Jess Ate.

Jess Wan’s blog, Where Jess Ate, combines her love of food and travel and aims to share different dining experiences that people might not have heard of. Jess’s blog focuses mostly on reviewing the different restaurants she tries and each of her posts are accompanied by high-quality photos of each dish she talks.

The Green Wood Burger that Jess ordered looks absolutely delicious – the cheese is oozing out of the burger!

Jess’ photos are my favourite thing about her blog. Every picture I see makes me want to get into my car, drive to the same restaurant and order the same thing. Being able to see the presentation of the food helps imagine what it smells and tastes like.

Her blog is also broken up into two different categories: types of cuisine and neighbourhoods (within Canada and some International locations as well!). This makes it especially easy to navigate when trying to figure out a place to eat in your area or if you are craving a specific type of food. Check out her most recent blog post, “Nopa”, which features the restaurant Nopa based in San Francisco.

Facebook: wherejessate
Instagram: wherejessate
Twitter: @wherejessate

To keep up-to-date with any of the bloggers I’ve mentioned above, follow them on social media and be sure to check out their blogs.

If you liked this post, feel free to share it with your friends and follow my blog to see more content like this. Until my next post, stay hungry!


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